Keep the watermelon seeds

The watermelon seeds are perfectly safe and there is no need to worry if you swallow a few.
They have smooth texture and are almost tasteless, while in many countries they are roasted and consumed along with coffee or tea, or just a snack just to... pass time, after adding a bit of salt.
Additionally, you can plant them and with a little bit of care and careful watering you can easily have your own watermelon plants

90% water

The watermelon contains about 92% of water and only 5% of sugar. That’s why its consumption causes increased micturition.
Some might think this is annoying, but just think that this way it cleans the blood from all sorts of poisons and the kidneys from salts and small stones!
Furthermore, the large amount of water is the main reason why we should never consume it right after lunch or dinner, since it has negative effects on digestion.
You should prefer it raw and any other time.

The world’s largest watermelon

Believe it or not, the world’s largest watermelon weighted about 108 kilograms. It was grown in Tennessee by Bill Carson, during the early ‘90s and has rightfully held on to its Guinness Record Book place for 22 years.

Strange flavor combos

We all know watermelon as a fruit that is consumed raw and keeps us cool in the summer, but around the world it is amazingly combined with...strange ingredients, creating new, delicious tastes.
For example, it can be perfectly combined with feta or blue cheese, while many dare to try the “Watermelon Burgers with Cheese” that are quite common in the Arabic world.
Additionally, a slice of watermelon combined with prosciutto, a bit of soft Brie cheese and lots of lemon can be a unique gourmet treat that suits every taste.

Low in calories

The watermelon is a perfectly healthy food that will not make you gain weight, since it is rich in important vitamins like A and C and in many inorganic nutrients, completely lacking cholesterol or fats.
To cut a long story short, the watermelon not only has fewer calories than most fruits, but it also contains less sugar.
Furthermore, it contains more water that other fruits. That gives it great advantage, since all foods that are rich in water make you feel full without adding unnecessary calories to the body.

Colorful watermelon varieties

Watermelon is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer fruit. There is a reason why it’s called “The fruit king”!
It’s sweet, light, juicy and it can be eaten raw, as a “Greek spoon sweet” or even fried (!) like an icy sorbet. The watermelon can be found in Ancient Egypt hieroglyphs and it has been grown since the 10th century a.c in China, while in Europe it only first appeared during the 13th century.

Tomato: How it highly benefits our health

Tomato: How it highly benefits our health
The tomato, which is actually a fruit and not a vegetable, is liked by many.
Tomatoes can be consumed and cooked in many interesting ways. At the same time, they offer plenty nutritious substances that are very beneficiary for our health. We could even say that the tomato is an armory of beneficiary elements. It gets its red color from the lycopene it contains. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant substance that benefits the human body greatly.
What are the main nutritious substances of the tomato?

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