The STASINOPOULOS BROS G.P. Company was founded in 1998 in Pirgos, Elis, and was well received since its first day of business.
Our main focus area is the production and trade of farming goods of high quality and added value. Every single day, we collect fruits and legumes of the highest quality from every Greek corner and we transport them to our headquarters. From there we start delivering them to the entire of Peloponnese and the western Greek islands. Since our first day in business to this day, we seek to offer our customers and partners the freshest products with the highest quality standards.
In order to achieve that we invested in exceptional facilities for the storage and preservation of our products and in a fleet of refrigerator trucks to collect and distribute them. We have also trained our personnel accordingly so that they will always be there to meet the needs of the customer. We promptly and consistently supply retail points (greengrocer’s, mini markets, flea markets) throughout the Peloponnese region, using our well organized distributing network. We also focus on supplying ships, aircrafts and hotels throughout Greece.
In order to meet the growing needs of our customers, at times we import products from abroad, always paying attention to the fruit quality and safety. All our products are in accordance to the international quality protocols (GLOBAL G.A.P, EUREPGAP and AGRO 2.1 2.2). Our company, respecting the modern customer-partner who asks for high quality products is certified with ISO 22000 from TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

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